The pro football world in it’s history has never seen a team like the 1937 LA Bulldogs.  The Bulldogs were pure excitement.  The team had a 16-0-0 season, going undefeated in the regular AFL season (8-0-0) and in exhibition games against other tough pro teams and two all-star teams.  It’s history is one that includes victories over NFL teams.

On the Bulldogs, 18 past and future NFL players were part of their roster.  Many experts at the time said that this team would easily beat any NFL team.  The team ran an offense that was part T-formation and part single wing.  The two wide receivers were flanked to the sidelines on each side of the field, the other 9 players were in the usual formation.

Here is how the LA Times and several New York newspapers described the team: “Using razzle-dazzle the team would use lateral plays, double lateral plays, reverses, spinner plays-they had them all”.  On kickoffs the team would use: ” befuddle huddle, Howard the main star would return the kickoff to the 15 yard line, where all of the Bulldogs would converge, where each player would bend over so that anyone could have the ball, then all players would brake out and run down the field.”

Here is the starting offense and defense of the team of 26 players.

BILL HOWARD QB-(5) HB-(5), CB-(5), SAFETY-(5).  6-0-185 lb.-Compton CC, Southern Cal. Stats and partial card numbers: Passing 55.6%, 8 TDs and 4 INT. Rushed for 571 yards for a 6.8 Avg. scoring 5 TDs and kicking 7 XP,  Rush 3 K’s, 5-15’s. Pass-two-1s, one-2, three-3’s. Kickoff return 28.7 avg., punt return avg. 12.2.

GORDON GORE FB-(4) HB-(4) MLB-(4) CB-(4). 6-0-215 lb.-Southwestern Oklahoma State.  Stats and partial card numbers: Rushing 361 yards for a 6.0 Avg. scoring 1 TD and kicking 4 XP and the only 2 FGs. two-K’s seven-4s

ANDY NICHELINI HB-(5) CB-(4). 6-0-207 lb.-St. Mary’s California. Stats and partial numbers: Rushing 324 yards, 5.8 avg.  Passing 58.3% for 1 TD and 0 Int. Kickoff returns 30.1 avg. and punt returns 16.2 avg.  3-Ks, three 15s.

ED STARK HB-(4) QB(4) FB (4). SAFETY(4) LB(4) MLB (4) 5-11-165 lb. Pasadena CC, Oklahoma Baptist. Stats and partial numbers: Rushing 256 yards, 5.7 avg.  Passing 50% with 1 TD and 1 Int.  One-K, five-15s. for rushing.

BILL MOORE-WR-(4) SAFETY-(4) 6-1-200 lb. North Carolina. Stats 20 Rec. for 412 yards and 5 TDs

JERRY DONNELL-WR-(3) G(3) LB(3)CB(3) 5-11-203 lb. Oregon. Stats 18 Rec. for 288 yards 3 TDs and 2 XP.

BERNIE HUGHES-C-(4) G-4 LB-(4)-6-1-190 lbs. 6-1-190 Oregon.

RAY CLEMENS-G-(4) DE(4)-6-0-215-Central Oklahoma.

PETE MEHRINGER-G-(4) DE(4)-6-1-206 lbs.-Kansas

HARRY FIELD-OT-(4) DT(4)-6-1-230-Hawaii-Oregon State

STEVE SINKO-OT-(4) DT(3)-6-3-220 Duquesne

When using this team for an APBA football game, here are the playing rules.


  1. Throw two dice after runner gains yards.  If the result is 2-5 then razzle-dazzle takes place. If the total is 6-12 then it is a regular running play.
  2. Pick runner to receive razzle-dazzle.
  3. Throw the regular APBA dice and find out the final rushing yards by the razzle-dazzle runner receiving the ball.  Special note:  if the print number is a 23, 43, or 63 the then a fumble has happened with 0 yards gained, throw two dice and add. If the numbers are 1-4 the offense recovers, if 5-11 defense recovers, if 12 defense recovers and can advance ball the regular fumble recovery way.



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