In 1985 the USFL dropped 4 teams to create a 14 team league. The 4 teams removed, had their players dispersed among the remaining 14.  The league was much stronger than the previous two seasons.  In 1986 the USFL wanted to confront the NFL in the fall.  The Philadelphia Stars folded and move to Baltimore in 1985 because Philly would not allow the Stars to play in the stadium that was tied up by the Eagles. This is one of the reasons that the USFL filed a anti-trust lawsuit.  The lawsuit was won by the USFL.  The jury however was instructed that a minimum amount of $1 could be awarded (which meant in an anti-trust suit the sum is tripled to $3).  The jury felt that is what they should award and that the USFL could get millions of dollars later. This  misunderstanding led to the $3 reward and the end of the USFL.

The Baltimore Stars in Philadelphia finished 15-3 and lost the title game to the Michigan Panthers in 1983 and won the USFL title in 1984 against the Arizona Wranglers.  In 1984 the Stars were very dominating, going 16-2.  1985 saw an injured Stars team struggle with a 0 wins, 2 loss and 1 tie in OT first three game start.  The Stars with the injury bug over won the last 9 of 10 games to finish 4th in the Eastern Conference and a wild card berth with a 10-7-1 record. The Stars showed their metal with an opening 20-17 win over the NJ Generals (led by Herschel Walkers all time pro record of 2,411 yards rushing with 21 TDs and a 5.5 average.). Next the Stars downed the Eastern Conference champions Birmingham Stallions (13-5-0) 28-14 and won the USFL title beating the Western Conference champion Oakland Invaders (13-4-1) 28-24.

The starting lineups with some partial play numbers

Chuck Fusina QB(4) 6-1-197-PENN STATE  61.1% COMPLETE, 20 TD, 14 INT. and rushing for a 4.0 average.  Numbers-one-2, two-5s, three-6s and three 7s.

Allen Harvin FB(3) 5-9-200-CINCINNATI 549 yards rushing, 4.0 avg. with 38 receptions for 279 yards. Numbers-one-2, two-15s, three-16s and three-17s.

Kelvin Bryant HB(4) 6-2-195-NORTH CAROLINA rushing for 1,207 yards, 5.1 avg. and receiving 40 receptions for 407 yards and 4 TDs. Numbers-one K, two-15s, six-16s and seven-18s.

Scott Fitzkee WR(3) 6-0-187-PENN STATE 73 receptions for 882 yards.

Willie Collier WR(3) 5-10-175-PITTSBURGH 35 receptions for 473 yards master 2/3

Ken Dunek TE(3) 6-6-235-PADUCAH JC; MEMPHIS 44 receptions for 508 yards

Bart Oates C(4) 6-3-265-BRIGHAM YOUNG   master 4/3

Chuck Commiskey OG(4) 6-4-290-MISSISSIPPI

George Gilbert OG(3) 6-3-265-TULSA

Joe Conwell OT(2) 6-5-280-NORTH CAROLINA

Irv Eatman OT(4) 6-7-296-UCLA master 3/5


Mike Lush FS(5) 6-2-195-EAST STROUDSBURG 10 Int., 1 Sack

Scott Woerner SS(4) 6-0-195-GEORGIA 1 Int. 2 Sacks

Jonathan Sutton CB(5) 6-1-195-NEW MEXICO 5 Int. master 5/4

Garcia Lane CB(4) 5-9-180-OHIO STATE 3 Int. master 4/3

Sam Mills MLB(5) 5-9 227-MONTCLAIR STATE 2 Int. 5.5 Sacks

Mike Johnson OLB(4) 6-1-228-VIRGINIA TECH 2 Int. 3.5 Sacks

George Cooper OLB(3) 6-2-225-MICHIGAN STATE 2 Int.

Dave Opfar DT(3) 6-4-270-PENN STATE 3 Sacks master 3/4

John Walker DT(4) 6-6-270-NEBRASKA-OMAHA  10 Sacks master 4/3

William Fuller DE(4) 6-3-274-NORTH CAROLINA 1 Int. 8.5 Sacks

Don Fielder DE(4) 6-3-240-GOLD WEST JC, KENTUCKY  9 Sacks master 5/4

All the teams that I write about and over 300 more have been made by myself and are printed with printed card backs, cut, corners rounded and printed envelopes. This a fun project for me.






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