2 thoughts on “Wk 15 – Gm 201: Washington at Atlanta

  1. This is the kind of game that elicits lots of admiration from me for what you do in these replays, Mark. Since I play a single-elimination, round-robin tournament, every game is important. But, in a replay, late in the year with two 5-9 teams going head-to-head in a game that has absolutely no post-season consequences is tough. And it is really impressive to me that you and Barath continue to plow through these replays, especially since you have these “throw-away” games that have to be completed.

  2. Thanks Ray. Some games are tougher than others, this one wasn’t so bad because it was relatively close throughout. Funny, I dreaded playing the Colts-Steelers game figuring blow-out and a second half of meaningless dice rolls but Colts pulled off the upset. I try to focus on the positive and realize it is all part of the journey. I also appreciate you and others following along and commenting.

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