The Stars of Philadelphia and Baltimore (1985) were the best team in the 3 year history of the USFL.  1984 Stars were above all the rest of the teams in the league history.  The Stars finished the year with a 16-2-0 record.  Philadelphia scored 479 points and gave up 225.  The average score was 26.6 to 12.5. The only two losses suffered by the Stars were to the NJ Generals (with 7 former starting NFL players on defense) by scores of  17-14 and 16-10.  In the playoffs the Stars beat the Generals 28-7, the Stallions 20-10 and the Wranglers 23-3 in the Title game.  A season and post season record of 19-2.

The defense of the Stars was so good that only twice did they give up 20 or points and finished the season with 14 consecutive games of allowing 19 or less points.

The Stars All Pros were: QB-Chuck Fusina, HB-Kelvin Bryant, C-Bart Oates, G-Chuck Commiskey, and Irv Eatman on offense.  On defense FS-Mike Lush, CB-Garcia Lane, DT-Pete Kugler, and MLB-Sam Mills (HOF NFL).

Offense (42 basic, 42/44 master) players and some numbers.

QB(5)-Chuck Fusina Pct.-64.9 Td-31 Int-9 Rush Avg-6.3 one-1, one-3, one-4, two-6s.

FB(3) (master 3/5)-Allen Harvin a hard nose blocker had 3.5 avg. with 485 yards rushing.

HB(5)-Kelvin Bryant with 1460 yards rushing for a4.7 yard avg. with one-2, three 15s, four 16s.

WR(3)-Willie Collier with 56 rec. for 757 yards.

WR(3)-Scott Fitzkee with 55 rec. for 895 yards.

TE(3)-Steve Folsom with 46 rec. for 485 yards.

C(5)-Bart Oates 6-3 267 Lb.

G(3)-George Gilbert 6-3 265 Lb.

G(5)-Chuck Commiskey 6-5 280 Lb.

T(5)-Irvin Eatman 6-6 280 Lb.

T(2)-Mike McClearn 6-4 274 Lb.

Defense (45 basic and master)

FS(5)-Mike Lush, Int.-7

SS(4)-Antonio Gibson, Sacks-2

CB(4)-Jonathan Sutton, 4 Int.

CB(5)-Garcia Lane, 5 Int.

MLB(5)-Sam Mills, Sack-5, Int.-3

MLB(3)-Glen Howard, Sacks-3, Int.-1

OLB(3)-John Bunting, Sacks-1, Int.-1

OLB(3)-George Cooper, Sacks-6, Int.-2

DT(5)-Pete Kugler, Sacks-3

DE(4)-Don Fielder, Sacks-6

DE(4)-William Fuller, Sacks-6

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