Title Bout is the only other game that will ever grace my tabletop, because like APBA Football, it renders accurate statistics/results and captures every aspect of the fight game. Over the years, I have replayed hundreds, maybe thousands, of bouts with Title Bout. This game allowed me to go down memory lane and re-live all the fights that I watched with my father as a young boy and then a teenager. One of my earliest memories was watching the first Joe Frazier – Jerry Quarry fight, it was when Smoking Joe became my favorite fighter of all-time.

Jim Trunzo has incorporated all the “lessons learned” from the past three or four decades and has created Title Bout II. I’ve place my pre-order for the game with two sets of additional boxers (Trial Horse and Gatekeepers and Contender and Pretenders).

Orders can be placed at www.straightjabmedia.com.

One thought on “TITLE BOUT II

  1. Greg, I just ordered Title Bout II with the middleweight set #1. I’m looking forward to this great looking boxing game…I actually have the original Title Bout (production by Sports Illustrated)! Thanks for the heads-up Greg! Patrick

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