Title Bout is the only other game that will ever grace my tabletop, because like APBA Football, it renders accurate statistics/results and captures every aspect of the fight game. Over the years, I have replayed hundreds, maybe thousands, of bouts with Title Bout. This game allowed me to go down memory lane and re-live all the fights that I watched with my father as a young boy and then a teenager. One of my earliest memories was watching the first Joe Frazier – Jerry Quarry fight, it was when Smoking Joe became my favorite fighter of all-time.

Jim Trunzo has incorporated all the “lessons learned” from the past three or four decades and has created Title Bout II. I’ve place my pre-order for the game with two sets of additional boxers (Trial Horse and Gatekeepers and Contender and Pretenders).

Orders can be placed at www.straightjabmedia.com.

1 thought on “TITLE BOUT II

  1. Greg, I just ordered Title Bout II with the middleweight set #1. I’m looking forward to this great looking boxing game…I actually have the original Title Bout (production by Sports Illustrated)! Thanks for the heads-up Greg! Patrick

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