Blocked Field Goal crossing Line of Scrimmage

Ray, if a blocked field goal crossed the line of scrimmage and is downed is the defenseive team awarded the ball at the spot it is downed or back at the original line of scrimmage? I read somewhere it was treated like a punt but not sure.

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  1. They are treated slightly differently. If a punt is partially blocked, but crosses the line of scrimmage, it is no longer considered a “block.” It is treated just like a punt. If the kicking team recovers the ball, it is downed right there and the receiving team takes over 1st and 10. If the receiving team recovers the ball they can advance it. They can also signal for a fair catch.

    If a field goal is blocked, and the ball advances past the line of scrimmage, the receiving team may return it. If the kicking team touches it beyond the line of scrimmage, however, or it goes out of bounds, it is treated just like a missed field goal attempt and returned to the original line-of-scrimmage.

  2. Illegal use of hands on an interception return…………mark 5 yards from end of return (against returning team) or spot………..(35 yd return…… go half way…. 18 yds and mark 5 back from there). Do I then give Renfro credit for only a 13 yard return?

    • Art – your question is a bit confusing, but let me try and decipher it. When you’re talking about an “Illegal Use of Hands” on an interception return, I suspect you’re referring to a penalty on the returning team. I also figure you’re referring to a “Block in the Back,” which is referred to as an Illegal Use of Hands by the referee. Here’s how it works in the NFL. If this call is made, the return man (interception, punt returner, kick-off returner, etc.) is given credit for a return up to the point of the infraction. Then, the penalty is marked off from that point – and it is a ten (10) yard penalty, not a five (5) yard penalty. So, here’s an example. Mel Renfro intercepts a pass at his own 20 and returns it 30 yards to midfield. But, during the return, Chuck Howley is flagged for an illegal block in the back at his own 32 yard line. Credit Renfro with a 12 yard return and mark off the penalty from the 32 back ten yards to Dallas’ 22 yard line, where the Cowboys will start first and ten.

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