In 2018 the Princeton NJ University Tigers went through the season with 10-0-0 record for their football team.   The Tigers finished 2nd in the nation of the 144 FCS College football teams according to computer rankings taking into account schedule and scores won by.  Only the North Dakota Bison Football team ranked higher with a 15-0-0 record.

The Tigers scored 470 points and gave up 130,  This team gave Dartmouth their only defeat of the season.

The Offense for the Tigers:

QB (5)-John Lovett completed 65% of his passes for 18 TDs and 3 Int.  Lovett also rushed for 972 yards and a 6.3 average.  Rushing numbers included 3-Ks, 6-15s and 5 16s,  Passing Lovett had one 1, two 3s, one 4 two fives and a 6 among his numbers.

HB (3)-Eaddy Collin was the main running back averaging 7.1 yards a carry for 663 yards and 10 receptions.  Collin had 3-Ks, ten-15s and two 16s as part of his running  numbers.

WR (4) Jaspar Horsted caught 72 passes in 10 games for 1047 yards and 11 TDs to give him an A* rating.  Jaspar has sixteen 3s on his card because of end around usage.

WR (3) Stephen Carlson caught 51 passes for 683 yards and 5 TDs to earn an A receiving rating,

WR (2) Tiger Bech caught 10 passes but was the punt returner.

TE (3) Graham Adomitio caught 10 passes.  Height 6-4, Weight 250 lbs.

C (2) Alex Deter Hgt 6-2 Wt-275

G (3) George Attea Hgt-6-3 Wt-285

G (2) Andrew Guest Hgt 6-3 Wt 305

T (3) Reily Radosevich Hgt 6-3 Wt 265

T (2) Brad Holder Hgt-6-5 Wt-275


FS (4) TJ Floyd 6 Interceptions 1 Sack Hgt 5-11 Wt 180

SS (3) Ben Ellis 1 Interception 1 Sack Hgt 6-1 Wt 205

CB (3) Delan Stallworth 1 Sack Hgt 5-10 Wt 180

CB (3) Chris Brown 1 Interception Hgt 6-0 Wt 180

MLB (3) Tom Johnson 1 Interception 3 Sacks Hgt 6-0 Wt 225

OLB (3) Mark Fossati 2 Interceptions 2 Sacks Hgt 5-10 Wt 230

OLB (3) Jeremiah Tyler 2 Interceptions 1 Sack Hgt 6-2 Wtt 215

DT (2) Joey DMarco 3 Sacks Hgt 6-4 Wt 265

DT (2) Jake Strain two Sacks Hgt 6-2 Wt 260

DE (2) Jay Rolander  three Sacks hgt 6-3 Wt 290

DE (4) Mike Wagner six Sacks Hgt 6-1 Wt 235

Kicker: Nicolas Ramos 56/58 XP and 7/9 FG.

Punter: George Triplett 37.4 Avg.  65 yard long.

Kickoff Returner: Austin Carbone 23.7 average.

Main backups: HB/FB (3) Charlie Volker 7.0 Avg., HB-3/FB-2 Ryan Quigley 7.0 avg. HB (2)Trey Gray  with a 5.5 avg.  QB (3) Kevin Davidson completing 66 Pct, for 5 TDs and 0 Int.

The numbers and achievements are great in that they were accomplished in a 10 game schedule.  This Princeton team maybe the greatest of the schools history.  The IVY League in 2018 nearly swept the 24 games played outside of the League.


  1. Dave, always pure education when you post one of your latest historical teams that you created. I’m shocked at the size of their offensive line, extremely large for that era. Always a treat when you post my friend.

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