“So what’s next?”

I will be conducting a replay of the 1993 NFL season using the original APBA card set with XF’s. This season introduced free agency to professional football. Although my beloved Jets struck out on acquiring Reggie White, they still reeled in Ronnie Lott, Boomer Esiason and Leonard Marshall through free agency. With a draft day trade for Johnny Johnson and drafting Marvin “Shadetree” Jones, things were looking up for “Gang Green”. Things were also looking up for me, I just returned to the states after being stationed in Germany for nine years and Becky and I got married two-weeks before the season began.

A few tidbits regarding this replay. The Philadelphia Eagles opened the season with four consecutive wins until Randall Cunningham broke his leg in a week 5 matchup against the Jets. I seriously doubt I will be able to replicate their undefeated start using only the carded quarterbacks (Bubby Brister and Ken O’Brien), so I asked my best friend, Mark Zarb, to card Randall Cunningham for me. Thank you Mark! Since these were still the days when the kicker’s “K” column was used for kickoffs and on-side kicks, I will use the following method when attempting an on-side kick: If the play result indicates the kicking team recovered the on-sides kick, I will roll the dice and if the result is 11-16, the play result stands. If its dice rolls 21 through 66, the receiving team safely fielded the kick.

I will be using all the innovations outlined in my “Method of Play” presentation.

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