So you think your an APBA Football expert?

This is the first installment of a “skill knowledge test” covering various aspects of the APBA Football Master game. I will periodically create these test in hope of increasing player’s knowledge of the greatest football board game on the market.

Master Game Test 1

My grading scale is as follows:


10 of 10. Legend or All-Pro

9 of 10. Master or Pro Bowler

8 of 10. Solid starter.

7 of 10. Backup or special teamer.

6 of 10. Stick to the Basic game OR come to the convention and learn firsthand from myself, Greg Wells or Ray Dunlap.


8 thoughts on “So you think your an APBA Football expert?

  1. got me on that first question. You have to read the entire question and not just blurt out an answer, sometimes. Nice job.

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