“A First for Me”

I have rolled a lot of APBA Football games in my life and I’ve witnessed some great quarterback performances on my tabletop while adhering to the 60 (short/screen)/40 (medium/long) pass ratio. I’ve had five different professional quarterbacks earn a perfect 158.3 rating, however, I’ve never had a passer complete of all his pass attempts until today. Joe Burrow of the National Champion, LSU Tigers just accomplished this feat. He went 30 of 30 for 472 yards and five touchdowns for a 288.0 NCAA rating which translates to a 158.3 rating in the NFL.

Joe Burrow Card


4 thoughts on ““A First for Me”

  1. I’m not even sure what to say!!!!!! I guess if you play enough games for a long enough time, you’re bound to see everything . . . . . . . but, this is something I could never have anticipated! Pretty freakin’ awesome card, though!!!!

  2. Yes, Joe’s got quite a card. I’m a little rusty (after 40 years away from APBA football) so I’ve just been playing some “scrimmages” before I get serious. In just a little over 3 quarters total against Memphis, Wisconsin and Oregon, Burrow has gone 25 for 29 for just under 600 yards and 7 TD (no int.) No, despite the temptation, his passing usage was pretty middle of the road. LSU outscored these 3 relatively weak teams by a c
    ombined count of 69-16. It’ll be interesting to see how your tournament goes. If there’s somebody in the field that can top LSU, they’re going to have to bring their best rolls. Thanks. Geaux Tigers!
    Gary Growe
    LSU Law
    Class of 1975
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