Michigan State Offense (Full House)

MSU (Full House)

Michigan State Offense: They are using 31 personnel (3 running backs/1 tight end) and are in their Full House formation. The Full House backfield is primarily used for off tackle type runs since the blocking back is assigned an isolation block on the outside linebacker and the playside offensive guard can double team the defensive tackle with the center. This formation allows for some “Veer” concepts which is basically a four back attack with one player taking a dive course, one taking a pitch course and another being a lead blocker. Notice how the tight end (bottom right corner) is slightly flexed with the back in what is called a “nasty” look positioned on the inside hip.

MSU (Wing)

As you can see, Notre Dame continues to matchup against 31 personnel using the exact same defensive front. Through my film study, I realized that Michigan State used this formation primarily in passing downs to attack the short-side or boundary side of the field. They would use the “flood” concept with Gene Washington running a 15-yard out pattern with the back in the “nasty” look breaking into the flat giving Jimmy Raye a hi-low read.

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