Michigan State Offense (Unbalanced)

MSU (Unbalanced)

Michigan State Offense: The Spartans remain in 31 personnel but their offensive line is aligned in a “single-wing” look or “unbalanced” line. The tight end (#86) is at the top of the image on the line of scrimmage, quick guard (#67), center (#62), power guard (#68), in-tackle (#77), and out-tackle (#79). Of course this is a great running formation but Michigan State primarily passed from this formation. Gene Washington (not in image) is positioned at the lower portion of the image (boundary-side) to cover the out-tackle. Notice how Notre Dame’s outside linebacker (boundary-side) has been removed from the tackle box to counter Gene Washington being in the “open” look.

My film study showed that Michigan State like to use this look on third and long situations because this allowed them to release two receivers on each side of the field and still have two running backs to counter the “double A-gap” blitz that the Irish liked to bring in this situation.

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