Talent Evaluation

Let us take a moment to evaluate the talent level for each team that participated in the “Game of the Century”. To use a baseball analogy, were any of these players good enough to make it to the “show”. I compiled the below chart using the starters from each team’s offensive and defensive platoons. As you can see, there are some household names on this list with a combined 163 years of professional football experience.  Several of these players were deemed the best at their position by being selected to the All-Pro team or selected by their peers to participate in the Pro Bowl. Alan Page was 6x All-Pro, 9x Pro Bowler and his bust resides in the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Jimmy Raye was a coach in the NFL for 36 years, he was an offensive coordinator for seven different teams. In addition, several of these players played on Championship teams. I usually do not give much love to Miami Dolphins players, but Bob Kuechenberg is the exception to the rule. He was a tremendous offensive guard and he was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. Bob was seven years younger than my dad, however, my father was awfully close friends with his brother Rudy. I can recall numerous times over my youth that Rudy would be at our house during family get togethers.

Pro History

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