Introducing Next Replay – 1982 NFL

My dear friend and APBA Hall of Famer, Greg Wells, has been trying for years to get me to conduct a “what-if” style replay. Since the thrill for me is being able to compare the replay’s statistics against the actuals, this upcoming venture is as close as I can come to fulfilling my friend’s wishes. I will be using a “one-off” set created by my best friend, Mr. Mark Zarb, to conduct a replay of the 1982 NFL season. This was the strike shortened season, however, there will be no work stoppage on my tabletop. I will be replaying the entire 16-game regular season. Will Ken Anderson complete 70 percent of his passes? Wes Chandler had over 1,000 yards receiving in nine games, will he surpass 1,700?

Reliving 1982 will be an absolute joy since this might have been the best year of my life. I was 19-years old and travelling the southeast making a living shooting pool and cheering for what I believe was the best team in the NFL. Being a die-hard New York Jets fan, I genuinely believe this was the second greatest team in their history. They had the league’s leading rusher in Freeman McNeil, were ranked third in scoring, fourth in total offense, had the sixth rated defense and four players selected to the All-Pro team. I have no idea how far they will go in the replay, but I can guarantee that the tarp will be on the field prior to the AFC Championship game if they are fortunate enough to get there.

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