Intro to 2019 NFL Replay

I’m looking forward to using so many of these young, bright shining stars of today’s modern game. I can remember watching the “Top 100 Countdown” this past summer thinking how talented today’s athletes are. Of course, I want to see how Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson perform on my tabletop but there were ten signal callers who finished with 4,000 plus seasons and Jameis Winston surpassed 5,000. There were nine different quarterbacks who ended the season with an efficiency rating of 100 or more. As for running backs, I’m curious if Derrick Henry can average 100 plus yards a game or if Christian McCaffrey can eclipse 1,000 yards rushing and receiving.

As for my Jets, I usually don’t replay a season where they didn’t finish with at least a 500 record. However, I’m looking forward to using Sam Darnold’s card (might be my last opportunity) and their #2 rated run defense.

Also, I want to thank each and everyone of you who will be visiting this thread because your support and input make the journey a lot of fun.

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