Sack Modification

Keeping with Ray Dunlap’s weekly contribution to APBA Innovations, I wanted to contribute a simple innovation that I’ve used for several years. Whenever the QB’s card renders a sack (play results 28, 29 or 30), determine defender awarded the sack through whatever allocation system you use (i.e., locator columns, dice range calculator, automated locators, etc.)

Roll dice, if dice roll is between 11 – 51, award defender full sack. If dice roll is 52 – 66, roll dice again and check for new defender via “allocation” system. If same player, award defender full sack. If different defender, each player is credited with half a sack.

1 thought on “Sack Modification

  1. Greg – I have always used one die – if it is a “6” then I consider that a shared sack . . . . and I use the same rule you described if the same player comes up again, then only that player is awarded the tackle . . . but, honestly, I still feel as if I get too many shared sacks – 16.67% of all sack numbers could result in two people getting credit when you use one die. Your method increases that possibility. Do you know if there are actually statistics that the NFL keeps that seperate individual sacks from shared sacks? I am not aware of them . . . . but, maybed you and Zarb have uncovered some secret, dark-web footbsll site that tallies those numbers??!!??

    This is one of those statistical “Rabbit Holes” that I have not been able to uncover . . . . . .


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