My Introduction to League Play

After rolling thousands of ABA Football games solitaire style, I finally dipped my toe into league play. Jerry Zajack and company were nice enough to allow me in their Skype “American Card Football League.” So today I took my New England Patriots (yep, this diehard N.Y. Jets fan is the coach of the dreaded Patriots) to face off against Jared Garman’s Las Vegas Raiders.

Jared was a joy to play against, he is a first-class guy who is a rock-solid coach and a tremendous general manager. As a general manager, he built an offense with three A* receivers, Drew Brees behind center and his featured back is Miles Sanders who has a 5.3 yards per carry average. He stayed with 11 personnel throughout the game and proved extremely difficult to defend.

The scoreboard read 20 – 20 with 0:04 remaining. Jared called a long pass against my dime defense in “D” alignment, however, I failed to “double cover” the correct receiver and paid the price because Jared rolled a 66 resulting in a 61-yard “Hail Mary” TD reception. Incredible finish!!

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