APBA Football Legend – Jerry Zajack

Not very often I run across someone who has as much passion for APBA Football or has rolled as many games as I have.  Mr. Jerry Zajack is not a household name in our hobby but he should be. Trust me, each member of the National Football Card League (NFCL) or American Football Card League (AFCL) view Jerry with the highest regard. His knowledge of the game is unmatched, every time I have the opportunity to play against him I learn something. Prior to playing our game yesterday, Jerry asked me how come I didn’t get Sony Michel any carries in my previous game. I answered that he was a member of my “taxi squad” but Jerry nicely pointed out that Jack Doyle missed last game due to injury. Nice job Oguard62, enter a game with a 47-man roster instead of the assigned 48. Rookie mistake!

Since we play our games on SKYPE one person types and the other coach manages the Master game booklet to retrieve play results. I swear that Jerry can practically do both at the same time because he has most play results memorized. Simply Amazing! If there was an APBA Football Mt. Rushmore, Jerry is as deserving a candidate as Howard Ahlskog, Ray Dunlap, Greg Wells or Mark Zarb!

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  1. You forgot a face on that Mount Rushmore, so make it six faces with yours and Jerry’s in addition to those other folks. Perfect timing for this post … had a couple of pieces of content in mind regarding the NCFL and how far, far ahead it was in creating its Skype method and the 2014 global tourney we played (where, amazingly, I got the 2007 Patriots to LOSE to the ’89 Niners … )

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