Introducing 1968 AFL/NFL Replay

I will be replaying the 1968 AFL/NFL season with the recently released card set sold by APBA. The replay will consist of 182 regular season games and six playoff games including Super Bowl III. As noted previously, I’ve replayed this season twice using first and second-generation card sets created by my best friend, Mr. Mark Zarb. So why play it again? Simple, how can a life-long New York Jets fans not replay their finest season in franchise history? I’ve gotten my beloved Jets to the Super Bowl in two previous replays, however, they lost twice but maybe the third time is the charm.

Regardless of which team hoists the trophy at the end, I will once again witness the likes of Lance Alworth, Gale Sayers, Joe Namath, and many others perform at the pinnacle of their careers.

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