Game 132. In-Game Video

I captured an in-game series between the Raiders and Chiefs. It’s been a while, so I want to apologize for the blurred and shaky view at times. A couple of corrections to the video, the completion to Kenny King was 13 yards but I didn’t reflect minus one-yard due to his YPC rating which has been corrected on the score sheet. Also, on the final play, I pointed at the wrong column but the play result was never in question. In addition, the video doesn’t reflect me marking a passing first down on the final play, however, it has been added to the scoresheet.

2 thoughts on “Game 132. In-Game Video

  1. Ron,

    I use the Sack and Interception innovation during my replays. This innovation requires that there are seven play result numbers of 16 thru 19 on the QB’s P-column. Plunkett’s card doesn’t have this amount, so I use either play result 15 or 20 to compensate. For situations where the QB card has eight or more play result numbers of 16 thru 19, I annotate my score sheet to identify certain play result numbers to ignore. However, when there is a shortage (i.e., Plunkett’s card), I’m forced to place a mark as a visual reminder. I hate marking the cards but found it necessary.

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