“Mark Zarb Vault”

My APBA Football brother and best friend, Mark Zarb, just completed his epic 1991 NFL replay where the Washington Redskins won Super Bowl XXVI to become the first undefeated team ever on his tabletop. This was Mark’s eighth full-season APBA Football replay and you can review all of them in the “Mark Zarb Vault” which is located on the left-hand sidebar, directly below “Top Post & Pages”.

Under the annual heading (i.e., 1991 NFL Replay, 1978 NFL Replay, etc) you can review League Total Statistics, Individual Team Schedules and Results, and Weekly Standings. Under the sub-bullets (AFC and NFC Team Statistics) you can review final standings and each team’s workbook by clicking on the city name which is a hyperlink.

My apologies to Mark, since there are still some graphics that need updated.

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