4 thoughts on “Upcoming Schedule

  1. How do the 1962 Packers stack up against the 1963 Version. I know the Bears are better and the Pack is without Hornung and Starr gets injured in the upcoming Cardinal game. Detroit is without Alex Karras so that divisional foe is a bit weaker. Looking at 1962 results, I would have expected the Lions to be contenders. Looking at the yardage on offense, it appears the Green Bay defense must be stout and I am guessing the Bears is even better? This is a fascinating replay and I love it!

  2. Steve,
    I really believe that the Starr injury is the primary factor in determining who will win the West. If he wasn’t injured, my money would be on Green Bay but let’s see if Chicago can take advantage.

    • I know the ’62 Pacckers are in the discussion of Greatest Teams ever. What were there ’62 team offensive & defensive index ratings and what are the ’63 Green Bay ratings? Does Roach or Bratkowski drop the Offensive Index compared to Starr?

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