Rethinking QB Cards

This might seem sacrilegious to some, but I’ve been wondering if modern APBA QBs wouldn’t be more realistically carded by giving them two cards.  I’ve done my own cards for my last two replays, and it is often difficult with only an R and P column to really capture all the modern QB skills with just those two columns.  For my next project I may try giving QBs two cards. One card will be for the run game and the other card will be for the pass game.  Here’s an example of what I’m thinking using 2021 Josh Allen.

The “Run” card has an “R” column to be used for called runs and an “S” column to be used for scramble runs.  In 2021 Josh Allen averaged 5.5 Yards per carry on designed runs and 8.8 yards per carry on scramble runs.  Using different columns for these different types of runs would allow more realistic results on both types of runs.  The “K” column would be used any time a “K” result occurred regardless of the column used.   Separating the scrambles from other run plays also allows for fine-tuning of sacks.

The ”Pass” card has an “S” column to be used on Short and Screen passes, an “M” column to be used on Medium passes and an “L” column to be used on Long passes.  Modern stats are kept for passing depth for QBs, so separate columns for different types of passes would now be doable.  Splitting out the Long passes would make it possible to use the Long Pass play again.  With the current cards the Long Pass play is just too risky.

Don’t get me wrong, I know APBA is never going to do this, but it was an interesting mental challenge for me and I thought I would share it.  Also, I’m looking at this strictly from a replayer’s perspective, I’m sure in face-to-face play there would be some unforeseen complications.

Any feedback is welcome as this is just in the planning stages. 

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