QB Completion Calculator

There are countless factors which impact the performance of a QB’s card ranging from hot or cold dice, frequency in A, B, or C passing indexes, defensive alignment, keying, blitzing, nickel or dime defenses to name a few. With that being said, it’s still fun trying to “guess” the production of a QB’s card whether it’s for an upcoming league draft or a solitaire replay.  Attached is a “QB Completion Calculator” to use as a “jumping off” point to estimate the “completion percentage” based off the QB’s card. First, determine how many scramble (26 & 27) and rare play numbers (31 & 32) are on the QB’s card and subtract from 36 and enter remaining numbers in the “Frequency” column.  For example, QB card has (2) 26, (1) 27, (1) 31 & (1) 32, ignore these 5 and enter the remaining 31 numbers into the frequency column.

QB Completion Calculator

2 thoughts on “QB Completion Calculator

  1. Just did some calculations for the 58 NFL,
    Ed Brown was 38.1 estimated and 46.8 real.
    Van Brocklin was close 52 est. 52.9 real
    Tittle 53.6 est. 57.7 real.

    Seems its usually lower for estimate. Since I haven’t played APBA football in a long time just wondering if the estimate is what you have seen in replays

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