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My favorite site for conducting research for an upcoming replay is BBallsports.com. It is a comprehensive database for the four major sports (Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey).  It captures nearly every statistic imaginable and covers several decades (i.e., football, 1920 – 2010).  If you have never visited it, please, give it a look. I’ve placed the link in my Blogroll on the side bar. 


6 thoughts on “Historical Database

  1. Conrad,
    What a pleasant surprise…I don’t know how may folks are aware of it but it answers 98% of the statiscal categories that I capture during a replay.

    • Greg, I wish I had time to do more than dabble. Perhaps in three years when I retire I can plan and finish a project. For now I play a few games, trying to renew myself with the APBA Football game. Years ago I was in the Leisure Time Football league. It was Hi-Lo but we protected 6 players, so the the rest of the team went back to the stock clubs for the next year. The team pairings were interesting in that some had several players missing and we had to find the pairing that suited us best based on the players in the combo compared to the 6 we kept from the previous year. I enjoyed this set up as I am not all that familiar with the depth of players on the teams that I would need to be with a continuous ownership league.

      • Conrad,

        Time most certainly is the “issue” with all of us…If I remember correctly, you are a high school principal (forgive me if I’m wrong), so I understand why you only have the time to dabble…That sounds like a fun league you were associated with…Maybe once you retire, you will be able to complete that 1979 replay you were working on…I always enjoyed reading your writeups!!!


      • Good memory Greg! I am a high school principal, and I love this job. Everyday I get to work along side of a great group of educators and students. The projects I have tried to under take in the past year, APBA Football Tournaments wit the 1958 season have stalled. Perhaps as summer arrives I can make further progress.

  2. At some point I want to replay the careers of W. Johnson and Cal Ripken with Bill Staffa’s NP3 sets. Most likely will do playoff style tournaments of these seasons, as to replay the Senators and Orioles season for such a long period of time will not be feasible, even in retirement.

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