Why I Play APBA Football

Karim Abdul-Jabbar’s (Miami Dolphins) performance during the 1998 season compared to current replay:

Actual: Rushing attempts: 270, Yards gained: 960, Avg:  3.6, Long: 45, and TD: 6

Replay: Rushing attempts: 269, Yards gained: 952, Avg: 3.5, Long: 37, and TD: 4

The above example is what keeps me “rolling the dice”. I really hope his next rushing attempt is an 8-yard gain.  Karim has 25 carries over the next two games so I’m unable to sit him at his actual but that is the beauty of Ray Dunlap’s quota system (see earlier post). Using Ray’s system, Karim’s maximum amount of carries is 298, easily allowing me to stay true to the actual boxscores.

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