Next Replay

Although the pollsters overwhelmingly wanted to see a 1972 NFL Replay, I couldn’t resist the chance to replay a season with three 5,000 yard passers.  I’ve placed my order for the 2011 APBA NFL set and will replay the entire season upon completion of my current replay  and once the preparation work is accomplished.

3 thoughts on “Next Replay

  1. I’m way behind, not a single thread of preparation has been accomplished yet. The replay will be delayed until all team workbooks and a master AFC/NFC files are created. Not counting Fletch67, I will employ one offensive innovation (Yards per Catch) and one defensive innovation (sack/interception) rating. Everything else (specifically fumbles and penalties) will be at the mercy of the boards.

    I can see this project taking me over a year to complete.

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