APBA Football Basic Boards

Mark DerGarabedian has keyed the following basic boards into the attached Excel File. 

  • Short pass
  • Medium pass
  • Long pass
  • Inside run
  • Outside run
  • Kicking
  • Returns
  • Penalties

APBA Basic Boards

Also check out his latest and greatest APBA Football Stadium.  Keep up the great work Mark!!!!

2 thoughts on “APBA Football Basic Boards

  1. Great file! Somewhere I have the F/W/X tables in excel as well as the Draw and Screen plays.

    When I had the time, years ago, I played a blended game using these with the basic boards. Gave more options and probably skewed the stats some, but was just playing tournaments so didn’t care since both team benefited or were hurt for that game only. Started getting the other master boards on excel but stalled and not sure i have them anymore.

    Did this so I could carry them with me easier, when we still had the large boards and not the small books of charts.

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