Week 2 Tidbits

Green Bay Packers @ Carolina Panthers

The Packers overcame four Aaron Rodger’s turnovers (3 strip sack fumbles & 1 interception) to take the lead with less than 2:00 minutes remaining in regulation, however, it was far from over…….End of Game 18

Cleveland Browns @ Indianapolis Colts

A game filled with “Special Teams” snafus, both team’s punters accounted for 5 fumbled long snaps. Two key injuries of note, the Brown’s running back, Peyton Hillis, will miss the opening quarter of next week’s game.  Browns tight end, Brody Eldridge, sustained a serious injury that will sideline him for the next two games.

Seattle Seahawks @ Pittsburgh Steelers

The interior of the Steelers defensive front suffered a couple of key injuries to NT Casey Hampton and his backup, Steve McLendon.  Both players will be available for the second quarter of next weeks contest.  Chris Hoke will start the game at nose guard (40/42).

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