“Read Option” Dilemma

During the past NFL season, we’ve seen several teams incorporate various “option” concepts into their base offense.  The “Read Option” from the Pistol or Shotgun formation has not only become a nightmare for opposing defense coordinators but for APBA Football gamers too.  The nature of the play is for the quarterback to read the isolated defender and either had the ball off to the running back if the defender maintains outside containment or tuck the ball and run to the outside if the defender goes inside for the running back.  APBA Football rules prohibit the quarterback from running outside unless it’s a scramble or once a game on a bootleg (trick play).  I’m very curious how the game company is going to address this issue since this is a designed run and not a scramble. 

I have no idea what their solution will be, however, I know how I’m going to handle it during my current replay. Tim Tebow will see his first game action in next week’s matchups and will become the full-time starter the following week.  The “Read Option” became a big part of Denver’s offense with Tim Tebow averaging around 8 carries per week.  During a game against the Chargers, he had 22 rushing attempts.  His card has three scramble numbers resulting in one scramble per every 12 passing attempts.   So if he had 20 passing attempts and 8 runs in an actual game, I’m going to assume 2 of those runs were scrambles resulting in 6 designed runs.  Since his “R” column is not the typical scramble numbers (3-5-7), I will abide by the rules and run him inside on the designed runs or outside once a game on a bootleg.

4 thoughts on ““Read Option” Dilemma

  1. Go, Tim, go! You bring up a superb point; perhaps the K column could be used in some fashion for these types of QBs … maybe you give them a percentage of running vs. passing during the option plays and check the appropriate chart.

  2. If they card next QBs (RG III, Wilson, Kaepernick, etc) like they did the “Free Download” cards then there will be a problem unless they implement a rule change. If the cards are carded similar to Tebow’s 2011 (15, 16, 17s and K’s at 11, 33, & 66) then it wouldn’t be a problem. Even though when the QB runs on a Read Option it is an outside run, to stay within the framework of the rules, inside run boards would be used.

  3. I wouldn’t have a problem just relaxing the “one bootleg run” rule. provided that the multiple uses are realistic.
    also, you may want to have another play card with READ OPTION (or just modify the INSIDE RUN card). then, depending on what the defense calls, the offense has the option for the QB either hand off for a RB inside run or the QB keeps it and takes off outside

    • Good idea incorporating it into the INSIDE RUN card. Maybe link it to Fletch67, if an inside run is called and the defense is in worst alignment, “D” setting, an additional roll of one dice, if even the running back up the middle, if odd QB takes off to the outside.

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