A Beautiful Mind

APBA Football is the game played within the gamer’s mind. I’ve often equated playing APBA Football to listening to a game on the radio because you have to visualize what the announcer is saying. For example, hearing the play-by-play announcer call a third and long situation, “The offense aligns in a 3 by 1 set to the boundary side with a lone setback against a dime defense” my mind automatically visualizes a “Pro Trips Right” formation against a 4-1-6 defensive alignment.  It’s no different than me rolling a third and long situation. As outlined in my “Method of Play” presentation, a third and long situation consists of a maximum of 5 five dice rolls to complete the play.  As I write the down/distance and play (Medium Pass) on the play-by-play sheet, I visualize the QB calling the play in huddle.  The first dice roll is the initial QB read at the line of scrimmage to determine defensive alignment. Is there an uncovered receiver (G) or is the defense in a basic coverage scheme which offers run support (S) or is the coverage specifically designed to stop the pass (D). If the defense is geared to strictly stop the pass (D), is the coverage designed to “bracket” or “double cover” the QB’s first read (first dice roll fell within “Key” rating) or is the defense indicating a possible blitz (second roll of a single dice). If the QB’s pre-snap read determines the called play is destined for failure, does he audible (third dice roll)?  The ball is snapped and the QB is either dropping back or in the shotgun formation looking for the open receiver (fourth dice roll) and the fifth roll determines the play result.  By visualizing every aspect of the play (i.e., huddle, pre-snap, post-snap and play result) the game becomes alive for me. Not only does this enhance my enjoyment of the game but it eliminates mental distractions allowing me to complete games at a rapid pace.

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    • It’s funny, I was wondering the same thing. I asked on Geoff’s facebook site and he said there was printing issues with the game box. I have no idea when the release will occur.

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