Yearning for YesterYear

Yesterday I had an overwhelming urge to take a break from my current replay and I found myself perusing through my collection of cards.  I hankered to see the legendary names of my boyhood, Starr, Jurgensen,  Unitas, Gabriel, Tarkenton, Dawson, Lamonica and of course, my idol, Joe Namath.  I settled on my 1967 set created by Mark Zarb.  I’ve previously replayed that AFL season years ago; however, after reviewing both leagues rosters it became obvious that a full AFL/NFL replay concluding with Super Bowll II would have to be accomplished upon completion of my current project. To scratch my itch and provide instant relief, I decided to replay a week 4 matchup between the Oakland Raiders and my beloved New York Jets. Doomed by four Lamonica interceptions, this was the only game the Raiders lost that entire season.  That Raider team was a power house and possibly the greatest regular season squad in AFL history.  I feverishly entered statistics into the dice range calculator to determine reception and interception allocation numbers. Although sacks were not an actual statistic until 1982, the thought of not knowing if it was Big Ben Davidson or Ike Lassiter or Gerry Philbin or Verlon Biggs was unacceptable to me.  I entered the QS ratings on the cards into the dice range calculator to determine allocation numbers.  Now the only thing remaining was to create the team index cards.  I reviewed all receivers’ cards to capture their letter grade(s) and “Yards per Catch” rating, determined Fletch67 dice rolls for neutral downs and team keying rating, wrote down each team’s sack/interception rating and defensive allocation ratings.  Armed with this and the “Forced Fumble” and “Team Recovery” charts, I was ready to relive this Saturday evening matchup between two AFL rivals on my table top. The box score and team/individual statistics are below for your review.  I’ve listed team QB ratings for the game even though this was not an official statistic yet. Enjoy!

  Box Score (Oct 7, 1967)          Jets vs Raiders-1967                  


3 thoughts on “Yearning for YesterYear

  1. Wow, what an offensive explosion. I can’t believe how bad the quarterbacks were, that was amazing. I too was feeling nostagiac for the older seasons and broke out my 1950 Zarb set and am having a double elimination tournament with them.


  2. 9 Int yikes Turner 3 missed FG did the Jets in no disrespect they always find a way to lose .Like the Vikes in the NFC.

  3. Bill
    They were two good pass defenses which contributed to all of the picks as demonstrated by the 6 actual interceptions which occured during that game…I don’t believe that is a good analogy for the Namath led-60’s Jets but it has most certainly been true for the last 43 years or so.

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