Ray Dunlap’s “Match-Up’ System

Well over this past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Dunlap. It was a thrill for me because I remember reading his articles in the APBA Journal as a young Security Forces member stationed in Germany 25 years ago. I could remember sitting at my kitchen table for two night’s handwriting index cards so I could implement his “Match-Up” system. I used the system for years and still adhere to his running back “quota” system. It’s a mystery to me why this guy is not in the APBA Hall of Fame, he wrote for the Journal for years, commissioner of a successful league for over 20-years, innovator and avid APBA Football guy. I reviewed his system and it’s obvious that he has made improvements to the original design. I will be sprinkling it into my replays on a limited basis (roughly 20% of the time). The good news for everyone is you know longer have to spend a couple of evenings writing out index cards. All you have to do is email Ray at ray@raydunlap.com and he will send you the PDF of the cards with detailed instructions. Highly recommend!

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  1. I seriously considered inducting an AFC Hall of Fame Class of 2013 this weekend in Canton — essentially since several of the must-have inaugural members were all in the same room! With Howard Ahlskog and Greg Wells in the official APBA HoF, we’ll see how things play out in 2014 and if the pro-football trend continues. But I haven’t discounted the idea of inducting a Class of 2013 of our own … stay tuned (hint hint).

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