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About a month ago, I noticed a thread titled “Free!! Printable NFL football fields” on the Table Top Sports forum.  Mr. Grant Baker was kind enough to share his work of art with the gaming community with only one stipulation, “These are for personal use and can NOT be sold under any circumstance.”  These modern NFL fields can be found on the sidebar listed under “G. Baker’s Fields” widget.

The minute I laid eyes on these fields, I knew that I had to have these developed into APBA style football fields.  I wanted something sturdy that wouldn’t move easily, worked with existing first down marker/football, ability to track downs, had a protective surface and most importantly was “playable”.

To make a long story short, in my quest I had to hire/fire one sign shop and went through multiple prototypes until I was satisfied.  My decision not to have the fields trimmed/cut around Grant’s outline was two-fold, first, it was a cost-saving measure and secondly, I use the ledge for placing skill players on the gridiron.  

Being an APBA Football junkie, I’ve had all 32 NFL fields created.  While playing a game last night between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears, I found myself staring at the playing surface of Lambeau Field and I swear that I heard the home faithful scream in unison “GO PACK GO!!!!!”  

Double click on photo to enlarge.

Lambeau Field

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  1. Brilliant! Might be a more cost-effective way to have each field represented than the method I was going to use. Does Grant do vintage fields, as well? I’ve been researching pre-1980 NFL and AFL end zones and would love to have some of those.

  2. I aksed him to create the old 49ers field, but he is really busy.. What are you using for backing? Since I use a play-by-play scoresheet that tracks field postion and time I would almost never use this, but I would love to have one anyway!! 🙂

  3. Thanks Ron, it has been corrected…The base is 3 mil Calendar Vinyl stock material with LAMEX 4 mil overLaminate on face….I too used play-by-play sheets for years, however, I wanted to get back to using the field about a 1 1/2 year ago because it is a board game …I’ve had 50 fields made (32 modern) and all of the 1960 fields for my next replay of 1967.

  4. Hey guys, Grant here,
    I just finished up my first 1960’s field and it is ready for download on the site.
    If you guys have links to good images of the old fields or images you can email me that would be a big help. I’m not going to make every year in 1960 as this would take forever, so I’m trying to pick the best looking one from that decade. I’m glad you guys enjoy the fields, I really like designing them and most of all playing my games on them, adds a lot to the gaming experience for me. I do have graphic done on full snow and mud fields which look pretty cool, if I have time all try and add these to the teams that played out in the weather,

  5. Just printed out all of the current fields; can’t wait to work them into my gaming. I mount them onto foam core and plot movement with push pins; different colors for the ball, line of scrimmage, 1st down marker and penalties when they occur. I will check out the inclement weather conditions as well.

    Any chance to get Notre Dame’s stadium or a few other college venues?

    Great work!!!

  6. My web site was shutdown, looks like I was not to use it for storage of images of any kind and they considered it that with the storage of my fields. I mightily get my own provider next year and repost the fields. Sorry for those who did not get them.

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