Super Bowl XLVI

Sunday, February 5, 2012     

Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana 

San Francisco 49ers vs New England Patriots

The Battle of the Undefeated!!! In all of the replays that I’ve conducted over the years, I’ve never had a championship match as interesting as this one.  As anxious as I am to see who will come out on top, I will not “roll this game” until the morning of Saturday, 18 January.  I will provide a play-by-play synopsis and post after the completion of each quarter.  I will tweet interesting tidbits during the course of the game.  I’ve attached a presentation so you can see how the two teams stack up against each other in offensive/defensive indexes, team statistics, key matchups and keys for victory.

Super Bowl XLVI

3 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVI

  1. Greg,

    Is there any truth to the rumor that Frank Gore has been arrested outside of the St. Elmo Steakhouse in downtown Indianapolis? That he won’t be available for the game?????

    Good grief; my hatred for the 49ers is so deep that I’m hoping something crazy happens to Frank Gore in a card game! I need help!!! 🙂

    Go Pats in this.

    Of course, GO HAWKS this Sunday!!!!!

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