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I have a question associated with lines 31, 35 and 36 of the “Kickoff” table in the Master game.  There is an asterick (*) assigned to the “TL” penalty, what does this mean?  This confuses me because an “asterick” indicates how to measure the penalty (I.e., offensive clipping, holding, or illegal use of hands) associated with a kick return, but, none of results from the “L” column on the Penalty Chart are one of these type of infractions. 

If someone could shed some light on this matter it would answer a question I’ve wondered about for years.

Phil Molloy, could you please express your viewpoint on this matter?

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  1. Looking back at the old master boards vs. these. Asterisks are in both places, though the penalties under the L column changed a bit. In the classic master game, the penalties in the L column were kick out of bounds, offside defense, offside offense, 12 players on field offense, 12 players on field defense, and unsportsmanlike conduct defense (or offense). Now, the L column gives you offside defense, a single instance of personal foul offense, a single instance of 12 players on the field defense, unsportsmanlike conducts on O and D, and kick out of bounds. Basically, as per the entry for the single asterisk under the Definitions & Footnotes section of the current master book, given the types of penalties in the L column, for kickoffs only, you measure 15 yards ahead of possession UNLESS the return was less than 15 yards, in which you measure the infraction from the gain. The single-asterisk entry is worded about the same on the “classic” old white master-game boards, which also makes note of onside and safety kicks):

    “On kickoff (not onside kickoff or safety kick) returns only, this penalty is measured from 15 yards ahead of Possession, unless the return was less than 15 yards, in which case it’s measured from Gain.”

    So as I read it, whatever the penalties in the L column, use the rules under the single-asterisk notation. I had one like that recently, and it also fell within the offense’s 15 yardline, so it was half the distance to the goal on a 15-yard penalty — I think!

    • Geoff,
      I’m still confused. The asterisk has to do with measuring offensive infractions on kick returns…the penalties in L are all pre-return type penallties with the exception of Unsportsmanlike Conduct against the Offense….So are you implying the asterisk should be applied against this penalty? If so, you would think there would be an asterisk assigned to penalty #34.

  2. haven’t got the boards here where I am, but I’m certain that the asterisk means that if the KO goes out-of-bounds, ignore everything else, ie. who fields it and do not attempt a return. There used to be a footnote to the table to this effect. Isn’t that note there anymore?

  3. Phil,
    Thanks for your response, there is no footnote that I see but what you said makes perfect sense and is probably the answer that I’ve been looking for.

  4. ok, I had a look and the footnotes under the table are:
    * If penalty is “Kick out of Bounds,” kickoff is not fielded as indicated. Also, no injuries
    ** Refer to NFL rules

    the ** appears on the onside kickoff table

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