Steps for Creating Customized Football Fields

I have received numerous requests over the past couple of months to either provide the contact information of the business I used or act as the middleman in the sale of these customized fields.  I have and will continue to decline such requests. Neither I nor the business wants the potential “copyright infringement” headache resulting from the sale of these fields. In addition, Mr. Grant Baker, the creator of these fields, had one stipulation, “These are for personal use and can NOT be sold under any circumstance.” 

However, I will gladly provide the direction to having these fields reproduced in your local areas. First, I recommend using a sign shop instead of print shop because most print shops don’t have access to a router.  Once one is located in your area, accomplish the following steps to create a prototype:

1.  Transfer files to memory stick.  These files have already been published into PDF Format so they can be edited and can be found on the sidebar of this site listed under the “G. Baker’s Fields” widget.

2.  Instruct their “Graphic Designer” to customize the artwork to meet your needs. (i.e., Create “First Down” circles, remove unwanted text, etc).

3. Fields need to be single sided prints on 11 in (H) x 15 in (W) 3mil Calendered Vinyl stock material.

4. Fields need to be mounted on PVC – 3MM Black 48 x 96, PVC – 3MM Black 48 x 96.

5. Fields need to be laminated with Lamex 4mil OverLaminate on face.

6. Recommend you bring an APBA Football & first down marker with you and specifically instruct them how you want the two cuts done.  I require the tip of the football rest on the upper hash marks (rough estimate is 1/4-inch above) and the first down marker on upper sideline boundary.

7. Don’t go to full production until you are completely satisfied with the prototype.

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