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This year’s APBA Convention will be held on June 20-22, 2014 at the Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta North/Alpharetta.  I’ve noticed several inquiries either on the Delphi Forums or APBA Football Club’s Facebook page whether there will be any type of football presence there during the event.

Last week I reached out to John Herson through Kevin Cluff to see if he would mind if “Football guys” like me socialized and played some Face-to-Face games in the same room as the tournament.  Not knowing the size of the room and not wanting to be a distraction, I thought it was important to get John’s blessing.  I received the below email from Kevin the next day.

” I talked to John about this and he was fine with it as long as you are willing to organize the games (or tourney, whatever you end up doing).  Assuming we get the same room as last year there should be no problem with the football games going on, at the same time.  Personally, I think it is a great idea, and I am looking forward to meeting you this year!”

I reached out to Ray Dunlap to enlist his services and assistance.  Ray brought up a really interesting point, he’s convinced the reason the football game is not nearly as popular as the baseball game is that the game company’s solo version is not up to par.  If more gamers knew about superior ways to play the football game solo, I think we could recruit an entirely new generation of converts. He asked me to play at least a quarter to demonstrate my playing technique and various innovations that I employ.  In turn, Ray will demonstrate his outstanding “Match-Up” system.  Without knowing how many interested people will attend, I can’t promise that there will be an organized tournament, however, there will be the opportunity for several “Face-to-Face” games.

Now that you know that there will be a Football presence at the APBA Convention, go-ahead and sign up for the convention (pre-order cost is $110.00) at http://apbagames.com/2014-convention.  For me, it would be a real pleasure and treat to finally meet some of the folks that I have interacted with for years on the Delphi message boards.  Hope to see you there!!

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  1. Do hope you get a good room in Ga. I still feel bad that I wasn’t able to video document and/or broadcast your full solitaire method when we held our tournament in Canton in August (even though we had you set up for a demo). Ray’s matchup system is pretty well thought out; anyone who wants a taster can check out our video:

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