Pre-1974 Penalties

I just want to remind folks who are replaying seasons prior to 1974 that offensive holding, illegal use of hands, and tripping penalties were 15-yard violations.  These penalties were reduced to 10-yards in 1974.

4 thoughts on “Pre-1974 Penalties

  1. Hi OGuard,
    I’m enjoying your replay but I have a question for you that I hope you can help me with. (I also have asked it on BTL forum.)
    I’m starting to replay (hopefully) the ’65 AFL/NFL (with Mark Zarb’s cards) and I’m puzzled by the proper interpretation for a field goal attempt by SD.
    The Chargers are on the 25 yard line and I was going to attempt a field goal on 4d. I of course have the modern boards but which column to use? I know that the goal posts are 10 yards closer in ’65.So do I use the 10-19 YL for my place kick (25 yd line minus the 10) or the 20-29 YL column.
    I’m guessing the 10-19 column since the new boards (mine have a ’86 copywright date) have taken into account I believe the extra fg distance of the 10 yards.
    Let me know what you would do.
    Thanks for all of your service to the APBA football community. I haven’t played in 20 plus years but I’m enjoying it so far!

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