“Trick Play” Defense

While conducting my current 1967 replay, I’ve noticed that the “halfback pass” was used at a greater frequency compared to today’s game. This sparked a conversation between Mark Zarb and me regarding “Trick Plays”. During our talk, it was identified that my current “Method of Play” doesn’t address a “Trick Play Defense”. To rectify this, I will be implementing his simple but effective method for determining if a “Trick Play” defense was called.

Here is how a called “Trick Play” will look like on my tabletop. Once per half, I have the option to call a trick play (i.e., bootleg, end around, non-QB pass, etc.) against a standard or nickel defense when replaying modern seasons. Roll the dice and if the result is 11, 33, or 66, the defense called a “Trick Play Defense” and I will score the play as a 7-yard rushing loss by the ball carrier, intended passer or punter. For all other dice rolls, read the number 2-lines up and the defense is automatically in “D” alignment against the run and “G” alignment against the pass. On running plays, if the card number is 1, 2, 3, 4, 14, 15 or 31 through 36 use it. On passing plays, if the card number is 1, 13, or 21 through 36 use it.

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