“Trick Play” Defense

While conducting my current 1967 replay, I’ve noticed that the “halfback pass” was used at a greater frequency compared to today’s game. This sparked a conversation between Mark Zarb and me regarding “Trick Plays”. During our talk, it was identified that my current “Method of Play” doesn’t address a “Trick Play Defense”. To rectify this, I will be implementing his simple but effective method for determining if a “Trick Play” defense was called.

Here is how a called “Trick Play” will look like on my tabletop. Once per half, I have the option to call a trick play (i.e., bootleg, end around, non-QB pass, etc.) against a standard or nickel defense when replaying modern seasons. Roll the dice and if the result is 11, 33, or 66, the defense called a “Trick Play Defense” and I will score the play as a 7-yard rushing loss by the ball carrier, intended passer or punter. .

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  1. Hey Greg…on your computer spreadsheet, how do you determine when an offense calls a trick play? Do you call it yourself or do you have something plugged into your spreadsheet that alerts you to a trick play?

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