APBA Convention “Wrap-up”

Anyone who cares about the growth of APBA Football owes a debt of gratitude to Ray Dunlap. Ray worked tirelessly throughout the weekend drumming up interest in APBA Football. Upon my arrival at the convention late Friday afternoon, the first thing I saw before entering the tournament area was a stack of flyers outlining our intentions of promoting alternative techniques for playing solo. I was unable to go say “hi” for a good 45-minutes because he was too busy demonstrating his “Match-Up” system to a handful of people. During Friday night’s induction ceremony, Ray manned the podium and discussed the greatness of APBA Football when played face-to-face and how the “out of box” solo experience pales in comparison. He then cordially invited anyone who was interested in learning two superior alternatives to stop by the “Football Station” and see for themselves. Throughout the weekend, I watched Ray patiently explain and demonstrate his system to over 25 individuals.

Now I don’t want to give the impression that I was sitting on my hands but the truth of the matter is, his system is better for teaching folks who have never played or have been absent from the game for a number of years. My “Method of Play” is geared for the accomplished player, it’s the equivalent of a “graduate” course in APBA Football solitaire.


Throughout the weekend, we both fielded several questions and provided step-by-step instruction on playing techniques and innovations. I truly believe our presence at the convention got APBA Football “in the door” and will lead to bigger and better things in the future.

Greg& Ray

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