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With the end of the 1967 AFL/NFL replay fast approaching, I wanted to take a second to discuss the playoff picture.

At that time, seeding didn’t exist and home field was based on an annual rotation for both leagues. For the 1967 NFL season, the Capitol and Central divisions had the home field. The Eastern Conference divisional winners from the Capitol and Century divisions will play each other: New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys. The Western Conference divisional winners from the Coastal and Central divisions will play each other: Baltimore/Los Angeles @ Green Bay Packers. In the AFL, the Western division champ will have the home field.

I’m saving the Baltimore vs Los Angeles game for the regular season finale, with the winner being declared Western Conference champion. Here is a little background on the tie breaking scenario back in 1967. Prior to 1972, the NFL did not include tie games when calculating a team’s winning percentage in the official standings. Division ties were determined as follows:
Division Ties

(2 clubs)
1. Net points in head to head
2. Team furthest from last title game appearance wins division
3. Coin Toss

(3 or more clubs)
1. Division record
2. Net points in head to head
3. Coin Toss

In the AFL, there were no tie breakers. A prime example is the following season (1968), the Chiefs and Raiders played a tie breaker game because they had identical records.
The New York Jets have clinched the Eastern division crown. The Western division still has not been decided, however, if Oakland wins or ties their final regular season game against Buffalo they will be declared division champions. If they lose, Kansas City Chiefs will have the better winning percentage and be declared division champions.

Who do you think will represent each league in Super Bowl II?

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  1. I am picking the Los Angeles Rams vs Oakland Raiders, soon to be San Antonio Raiders? I’ll believe it when I see it.

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