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This past Monday Night, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to chat with Chad Pennington for roughly 15 minutes. Chad Pennington is the epitome of class; he was extremely personable and engaging. Both Mark and I have met him before and shared our stories with him. The first time I met him was at the “Taste of the NFL” in the spring of 2008. I remember removing a photo from my pocket and telling him that a fellow co-worker of mine requested his autograph. Chad looked at the photo and nearly fell off his stool. He gave a hearty laugh and said “I never forget a team mate. How is Llowe Turner doing?”

During our recent conversation, I looked him in the eye and said, “Chad if you were playing with a Rex Ryan defense we would have won a championship!” He returned my gaze and replied “Now, that’s a true statement.” Over the years, I’ve listened to various media types downgrade Chad’s arm strength but I’ve never seen a more accurate passer or smarter quarterback. Chad knew how to “protect” the ball and properly manage the game. Being a devout Jets fan and having to stomach the last three “turnover filled” years, I yearn for the Pennington era.

The below table is Chad Pennington’s statistics from four replays that I’ve conducted. I would sign up for his “Total Statistics” any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  

Year Team Att Com Yards % TD Int % TD % Int Avg. Gain Rating
2002 NYJ 370 252 3124 68.1 28 5 7.6 1.4 8.4 113.6
2004 NYJ 399 248 2789 62.2 14 12 3.5 3.0 7.0 82.2
2006 NYJ 516 344 3896 66.7 18 16 3.5 3.1 7.6 87.8
2008 MIA 524 354 4093 67.6 16 3 3.1 0.6 7.8 98.7
Total   1809 1198 13902 66.1 76 36 4.4 2.0 7.7 95.5

 Maz, Chad and Me

2 thoughts on “Chad Pennington

  1. Great story and photo; thanks for sharing them with us. Too bad he got injured; I agree with you; very solid QB all the way around. I’d take him now (healthy) over many of the starters in the NFL today.

  2. I always liked Pennington. I believe his Senior year of High school his school, Knox Webb, played in the Region Tournament hosted by my High School Alma Mater. He was a good basketball player as well. – Steve

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