Custom-Made Storage Box

I wanted to post photos of the custom designed storage box that I had built by a gentleman named Jason Rziha. His workmanship, customer service and attention to detail are top-notch. The sheer volume of modern season, APBA Football card sets has made storing these cards difficult. I grew tired of having to use multiple boxes to store a season and I don’t care for the oversized storage boxes currently being sold by the game company. When not in use, I want my cards stored in an upright and orderly manner to ensure they remain in mint condition. Since I require daily access to my cards, I wanted to have a first-class staging area for them for years to come. Jason has made that happen, if interested in obtaining a quote, he can be contacted at   

To my good friend, Mark Zarb, “Brother, I finally have a storage box worthy of your cards.”

Top View     Side View     Open lid

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