“It’s in the Stars”

Each and every year on my birthday, I always enjoy reading my birthday horoscope over a cup of coffee.  This morning I had to laugh as I read the below caption.

Being born on the 17th of December you are an avid and decisive goal setter, you will naturally put lots of effort and energy into achieving worthwhile things and acts of kindness. You prefer to finish anything you start before attempting another aspiration.

I finally have the answer for the next time I’m asked, “What’s my secret to completing all of these full season APBA Football replays?”  “It’s simple, it’s in the stars”.

Besides playing APBA Football, there are three things I love.  My wife, a good steak and a fine cigar.  The below birthday celebration collage sums it up.


4 thoughts on ““It’s in the Stars”

  1. And the fourth, APBA Football. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend. Hope you had something smooth to sip while enjoying the cigar.

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