“Squib Kick”

There is a 1/14 chance of rolling a TL penalty when kicking off using the APBA Football Master game. With that said, there is a 1/12 chance of rolling an Unsportsmanlike Conduct – Offense- 15 from line penalty resulting in the ball being moved to midfield.  It might tempt the opposing coach to attempt an on-sides kick but the odds are not in your favor. So the coach usually just kicks off and the result the majority of the time will be a touchback. Does this penalty really have a negative impact on the receiving team? The only impact on the game is a timing issue (i.e., half-play recorded).

During a recent conversation with Mark Zarb this very subject came up. We both agreed the correct course of action would be to squib kick the ball, however, the current game engine doesn’t offer this feature. So I asked Mark if he would create one to go along with his many other innovations. After reviewing kicking distances and potential receiving “targets”, I feel this is a quality product that accurately depicts this type of kick. I would like to share this innovation with the rest of the gaming community.

So your protecting a lead at the end of the game or you don’t want to kick to Devon Hester, it’s simple, just squib kick it. A special thanks to Mr. Mark Zarb for all his great contributions to the game of APBA Football!!

Squib Kick

3 thoughts on ““Squib Kick”

  1. I think this is a huge improvement . . . . but I worry about a squib kick being overused. Years ago Green Bay had a kick returner named Aundra Thompson who had a monster KOR card and, in our face-to-face league in Tampa he had returned about 6 kick-offs for touchdowns in the first 10 games. We didn’t have a “Squib Kick,” but in the next game the opposing coach did nothing but onside-kick every kickoff to keep it away from Thompson. Every other team followed suit and Thompson was effectively nullified as an offensive weapon. So, while the Squib Kick is a nice option, I wonder how you can create enough “negative” consequences of using it to balance off not kicking it deep to a dangerous returner? I would love to hear Mr. Zarb’s take on this . . . . .

  2. Hi Ray, many leagues have quota systems for intended receivers, rushers etc., you may consider using it for squibs as well. Personally, I would take the better field position (67 Packers thrived on this with Travis Williams returning kicks for TDs on a regular basis team would squib kick regularly) and there are a few chances on the board for a “bad” kick. Finally, I looked up Thompson…he scored 1 kick return TD in 1979 on 15 attempts (most likely an OB). 6 TDs is a lot for a secondary return man…did he have a quota on how often he could be used?. Another alternative would be to put some good return men at typical OL positions (not sure how draft leagues handle special teams). MZ

  3. First off – BIG THANKS for doing this. Great to have a board to use this with, with your Kicker, and not have to resort to have an Offensive Lineman kick it to try to accomplish the same result; a squib kick. I realize that you have set this up so the “up” guys generally field the squib kicks. Any thought that there should also be a “Squib Kick Return?” We have regular kickoff return and an onside kickoff return. Should there be a squib kick return too?

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