Running Back Allocation

There is an old saying in the retail business “Change it up!” and that’s what I periodically due to keep the game fresh and interesting for me. I’ve recently changed how I designate which player is carrying the ball on a called run play. For what seems like an eternity, I always picked the running back, type of run, and adhered to the rule of not allowing a player to have more than two consecutive rushing attempts. Now I use the dice range calculator to determine running back allocation numbers for all players, excluding quarterbacks, who actually had a carry during the season. It’s invigorating to call a run play and not know who the runner is and type of run that will be executed. It also increases realism by allowing a runner to have more than two straight attempts.  Computer generated dice rolls (excel spreadsheet) determine the runner and type of run. For dual purpose backs (15-16-17) a dice roll of 11-33 will indicate an inside run and 34-36 will be an outside run. For the 60-40 backs (runners that look like dual purpose backs but have either a 4 or 6 at PR 22, 33, 44, etc.) a dice roll of 11-44 indicates an inside run and 45-66 would be an outside run. Outside (5-6-7) runners run exclusively outside while inside runner (4-6-8 ) run only inside.

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