“Lethal Weapon”

I’m not sure how else to describe  Devin Hester. During my current 2010 NFL replay, he has returned a punt for a touchdown on three of the last four weeks. He had a 72-yard return against the Packers. Two weeks later, he returned a 71-yard touchdown against Carolina and followed it up with a 65-yard scamper against Seattle.

I’m not certain if I’ve ever played with a more lethal return card.

Devin Hester

1 thought on ““Lethal Weapon”

  1. Greg,

    In my 2010 season Hester was just as devastating. He had 35 kick returns for 1,330 yards, a mind blowing 38 yard average. On punt returns he had 31 for 1,027 yards and, wait for it, seven tounchdowns. His return average on punts was 33.1 yards. He was unbelievable for me, and mind you i only play a 12 game season.

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