Oguard62’s Visual Tutorial

Oguard62’s Visual Tutorial (Method of Play)

During one of my daily visits to the APBA “Between the Lines” forum, I noticed an interesting thread titled “Game Play Video”. It was created by my good friend and renowned APBA gamer, David Taitano –a.k.a RogueBorg1. It was a very well done and interesting pictorial of “How to Play APBA Hockey”. This is where I got the inspiration to create “Oguard62s Visual Tutorial”.

The purpose of this latest presentation is two-fold. First, I wanted a visual document to aid in the understanding of my “Method of Play” presentation. What’s the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Secondly, I wanted to introduce “Oguard62 Locators”. Mark Zarb created a very comprehensive “Locator System” and I customized it to meet my needs. With one keystroke, I’m able to determine offensive indexes and defensive alignments for both neutral and situational downs, intended receiver, blitzing, keying, audibles, etc. Now, the only time I actually roll the dice is to determine the play result. This time saving feature allows me to easily complete a game in 1:40.

The “Oguard62 Locators” incorporate the “Offensive Index Finder System” from the Master game with a couple of tweaks. First, once an Offense is 17 points better than the opponent’s defense, their automatically in A index. Reversely, if the offense is 17 points worse than the opponent’s defense, their automatically in C index. The offense has a remote chance to be in A* if they are better than the opponents defense by 18 or more points. The offense also has a slim chance to be in D index if they are 18 or more points below the opponent’s defense. While in A*, the play result is always read from A index and one-yard is added to all positive gains. While in D, the play result is always read from “C” index and one-yard is subtracted from all positive gains.

This presentation was not designed to address each and every aspect of my “Method of Play”, only to augment it. If this visual presentation increases one person’s understanding of my methodology than it was well worth the effort to me.


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