Ray Dunlap’s 2014 Tournament

Ray Dunlap is a credit to APBA Football. He has played this game for over 50-years. He was the commissioner for the “Suncoast Football League” for several years, authored numerous articles addressing football innovations in the APBA Journal and has developed and fine-tuned his famous “Match-up System” for solo play over the years. I always look forward to seeing him at the APBA Convention and I consider him a “friend”.

Ray used all 32 teams in the 2014 set – and he used the “BIG” set with every player who appeared in an NFL game.  He seeded the teams based on their 2014 W-L record in each conference (see attached brackets) and played a single elimination playoff tournament.  Ray created quotas based on their regular season stats and would roll two dice before each game to obtain rushing, receiving and kick return quotas.  He would further roll two dice to get starting offensive linemen and one more dice roll to get the starting defense (see attached quota sheets).  If, because of the way the game was going, he ended up using ALL of the rushing or receiving quotas, players could get additional quotas, but with a “fatigue” reduction.  All injuries were for the rest of that game, even if the player was a j0.  Ray called all of the offensive plays for both teams and  used my “Match-Up” system to determine defensive line settings and the offensive index.  He also used a modified timing system that allows for more plays after the two minute warning (plays that stop the clock are only 7½ seconds instead of 15 seconds).

The time commitment for this project breaks down as follows:  90 minutes were required to create the quotas for each team!  So, the first round of the tournament took a while, because he would spend three hours determining all of the quotas and starters and then another three hours to play the game – so, the 16 games of the first round took my just under 100 hours to complete . . . and that was September – November.  Because the quota sheets were already done by then, he was able to breeze through the final 15 games pretty comfortably in December and January.  So, a total of 31 games . . . . and roughly 140-150 hours . . . about 30 hours a month.  It was very manageable and flowed easily, and Ray was able to use every team in the card set, which was important to him.

Ray had everything happen in this tournament . . . . upsets, thrilling finishes, great individual performances, dominating defenses . . . . . everything except an overtime game!

In Ray’s words, “I would urge the casual player to consider this type of a format, simply because in a five month period of time, you do get to see every team and still can crown a champion without the enormous time commitment that it takes to do an entire replay.”

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